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National Loading Services (NLS) is a premier freight handling services company. We specialize in professional, warehouse freight handling services to companies handling food products, coffee, and paper products. At NLS, we consider ourselves your strategic partner, and are committed to providing you with high quality freight handling services that will improve your operations and profitability.

Our custom solutions are designed to meet your freight handling requirements for each warehouse and product you ship and store.

  • Planning with your staff to ensure that we understand your requirements and inbound shipping schedule.
  • Freight receiving, unloading, and tracking. This includes inspection of the freight and identification and handling of product that is damaged or not to specification.
  • Breakdown and separation of freight upon receipt and repackaging and palletizing it to meet your warehouse racking configuration
  • Staging of freight in the warehouse to allow your staff to efficiently rack it using HEB's HaulPoint system
  • Use of specialized material handling equipment to meet your warehouse and product requirements
  • Custom warehouse management software that allows you to manage your invoices

Our staff is dedicated, professional, and trained to handle the specific issues and challenges faced in your warehouse and operation. They are supported by on-site supervisors and a 24-hour call center staffed with trained customer service representatives. We are there when you need us.

We are committed to processing your freight fast and efficiently, allowing your staff to focus on warehouse management. Our team will work with your staff to ensure that your freight is repackaged and palletized after delivery to meet your exact racking and storage requirements, and will stage it within your warehouse to provide easy, efficient access to the products for racking. Our goal is to work with you to handle your freight to improve the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse.

Our staff is trained in the latest safety processes for freight handling and material handling equipment operation.We hold 12 safety meetings annually on 6 different warehouse docks for a total of 72 safety meeting a year.

National Loading Services is currently operating throughout Texas and is continuing to expand.

NLS is committed to providing each client with customized freight unloading and handling, partnering with them for efficient, productive freight handling operations. Call today to see how we can partner with you.

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